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This was a warm and loving story. The characters step out of the book, with no regard for my insistence that they are simply story characters. Jasmine is interested, and eventually, in love with Brandon; he is in lust with her. Marsha is distraught because Jasmine and Sam do not get along, even though Frank and Jesse (her sons from an earlier failed marriage) adore Sam. At nineteen and seeing Marsha and Sam, Jasmine feels that there is no place for her. Meeting Brandon, the two plot to ruin Sam and Marsha's wedding plans. Along with this premise, Ms. Forte borrows from Dickens's A Christmas Carol. The Spirit of the Place is set in Oberon, a fictional city in California which is full of a variety of magic. There was reference to various sexual activities, but little graphic mention. I was enthralled by this book and amazed to find that Ms. Forte was able to make it stand alone. I am eager to read the next book and I am desperate to read the earlier books and find out all about the characters of Oberon, California.  
Rating: 4 hearts
Marcy Arbitman -- The Romance Studio

**** This story is set in December, modern day. It is book six of a series, but you do not need to read the previous books to fully understand what is going on in THIS one. Each novel is a story in and by itself. Even though Marsha is psychic, do not go assuming (like I did) that this is a supernatural romance. No, this story is more than that. In fact, Marsha's psychic ability is a very minor part of the story. Ana/Celeste comes forth to let Marsha know that she will be visited by three spirits, sort of like the old tale of "A Christmas Carol". These visits not only help Marsha understand the people she loves, but also gives the reader a few things to think about. (You may find a moral or two as well.) All-in-all, I found this to be a delightful story, perfect for the Christmas season. Recommended reading! **** 
Detra Fitch -- Huntress Reviews

What a tangled web we weave, but this is intrigue at its best. Complex and romantic in all the right proportions, The Spirit of the Place keeps the readers interest for sure. Set in the vague style of 'Scrooge' by Charles Dickens, its festive feel and portrayal of the complexity of human relationships is magic in itself. The four main protagonists have a strong network of supporting characters to make this novel a gem for Xmas, especially.
Carrie White -- One Reviewer

This is a warm and wonderfully moving tale. Filled with many colorful characters, even a ghost, this story lets you see through the eyes of a young woman who has been hurt by people she has loved. Exceptionally woven in are the psychic abilities and the care of a certain ghost who wants her family to be happy. Then there are the tender moments that will bring tears to your eyes, when finally it is all tied together with understanding. The sixth book in this series, this one easily stands alone, but you will want to get to know the characters you have met in this story.
Wateena ~ Reviewer For Coffee Time Romance



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