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Several friends are gathered at the Crone's Nest, a tea shop owned by Marsha, a psychic. They are commiserating about the weather, their lives, and still talking about almost dying the year before. Siobhan, Marsha's sister, is usually too busy to join the group, but with so few animals at the wildlife rescue center, she is enjoying a little human contact for a change. When they start talking about visions and weird dreams, Siobhan decides to leave. She has her own strange dreams to contend with. She remembers meeting the handsome police officer, Ryan Henderson, who saved Marsha¹s life the year before and how she was so attracted to him. She hasn't seen him since her friend's marriage six months ago. Siobhan has been wary about meeting men since she broke up with her fiancé. Ryan Henderson was shot in the leg while rescuing Marsha and is still experiencing a lot of pain. He is concerned that his leg is not healing properly, and he has not been able to work. Lonely, he has acquired a dog to keep him company. He runs into Siobhan at the marina and they become friends. They are two lonely people who are very attracted to each other. Someone is angry and hates Siobhan, and that person is watching her, determined to teach her a lesson. Readers revisit friends from P.G. Forte¹s previous books in this series, and although Siobhan was featured in Books 1 and 2, SOUND OF A VOICE THAT IS STILL is her story. Siobhan has had some rough years and has become somewhat reclusive. Living at the center helping injured animals, she has been trying to heal mentally, but when she is at her happiest, things always seem to go wrong. Siobhan feels guilt and hurt from what has happened in her life, and is alone and lonely. Although she is attracted to Ryan, she gets a little testy because she is trying to protect herself from more anguish. She can be a little annoying, and readers will want to shake her and wake her up to realize what a good man Ryan is. But Ryan can¹t seem to stay away -- Siobhan draws him to her like a magnet, and the awareness and attraction is strong between them. The person who is lurking and creating mischief thinks he is smarter than anyone, but Ryan is on his trail. There is a large slate of characters who have their own stories, with misunderstandings and lack of communication causing most of their problems. Although the book can stand alone, readers will want to read some of the secondary characters' stories found in SCENT OF ROSES and A SIGHT TO DREAM OF. The book is well written with realistic dialogue that ends in a crescendo of action and excitement, leaving a few threads for a continuation of the series. SOUND OF A VOICE THAT IS STILL is a satisfying romance and thriller that readers are sure to enjoy. -- Marilyn Heyman Romance Reviews Today

  The third offering in P.G. Forte¹s Oberon series, Sound of a Voice That Is Still, offers readers a tale that is filled with a variety of people, emotions and events. The overall tone of this work provides readers a mature deviation from lighthearted romance. An impending sense of dread looms silently between the words as readers get to know the people of Oberon. The dominant focus of this story is on the developing relationship between Siobhan and Ryan. However, the author compliments their involvement with family and well-meaning friends. Fans of this series will get to revisit characters from the first two books, while at the same time being introduced to characters that will surely play a pivotal role as this series continues to develop. Ms. Forte ensures that readers new to this series are able to keep pace with the multitude of characters by providing a useful list of characters. Readers will rejoice in the tender moments between the various ! couples, while at the same time they will remain wary as hints and innuendo imply that everything is not a peaceful as it would appear. The ending is action packed and ensures that readers will want to pick up the next in the series.

   Reviewed by: Amanda

Sound of A Voice That is Still has romance, multiple plots, the paranormal, humor, friendship, and a couple of on-going mysteries, so it has something for almost every reader. This book is primarily about Siobhan and Ryan and how they learn more about themselves, each other and love but it also skillfully combines the lives of relatives and friends in the small town of Oberon, California.-- Yvonne M -- The Romance Studio

SOUND OF A VOICE THAT IS STILL will keep you on the edge of your seat. Many nights this reviewer had to be forced to stop reading and go to bed. Ms. Forte has created such a spellbinding tale that I’m now forced to get the first two in the series so as to get to know everything about the characters I’ve met in Book 3. Congratulations on a job well done, Ms. Forte, you’ve found yourself another fan.
By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jessica

Although this is the 3rd novel in a series of 9 Oberon books, it is certainly more than capable of standing on its own. You have no need to read the rest but I believe you would be missing out on one of the best serialised novels around today. Ryan uses his skills as a Law Enforcement Officer to rid Siobhan of her stalking trouble-maker.

Packed full of romantic liaisons, suspense and apprehension, Sound of a Voice That is Still will keep you interested and wanting more. Be sure to 'catch up' on the goings-on in the Oberon series by working your way up from the very beginning. You'd be daft not to.
Carrie White, Reviewer
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