Beach Hoppers


From across the parking lot, music poured out of Beach Hoppers.   The hot, seductive lure of the Latin guitars had obviously worked their spell upon [Sam].    He stared across the lot as though entranced. His breathing fast and shallow, his expression rapt.   He’d obviously forgotten her existence.

So soon? Disappointment seized [Marsha].  She’d hoped to be a little more memorable than that.

Sighing, she glanced over at the patio, as well.   Brightly colored lanterns, strung on wires overhead illuminated the dining area.   Flames flickered in the large outdoor fireplace.   She recognized the piquant fragrance of burning almond wood, as well as the sweet scent of lemon blossoms from the surrounding trees.   The chatter of the patrons mixed with the music, and the clatter of dishes and silverware to create an intoxicatingly exciting atmosphere. 

©PG Forte 2004
A Sight to Dream Of


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