Reviews for Visions Before Midnight





4 Hearts!  Chay Johnson, flute maker, educator and apprentice shaman is as conventional as they come. Over the years he has tried to blend in with the environment and the wilderness was a type of life he enjoyed. For choosing a mate for life, he makes sure that he adheres to his customs. Erin Allridge is fashionable and an up-to-date present day woman. She has no intention of ever going through any relationship again after enduring a painful divorce that left a sour taste in her mouth, and in her heart. Then one night in a bar, the two meet, and one thing leads to another until they are tossed into the bed together, only to end up being friends the next day. But things are about to take another major turn in events when panic and catastrophe strike the town of Oberon. In the hills and forests of Oberon, lie many secrets and certain spirits that roam the night. When visions of certain murders that happened over two decades become part of an investigation, there are those that must find answers. For Chay and Erin it is a search into their deepest feelings that will bring them the answers for a life most remembered.

In Visions Before Midnight, P.G. Forte makes the reader feel they are living in a town that opens up within the pages of the book, and the reader has stepped inside. Chay and Erin open up the floor to many secondary characters. Chay wishes to find someone that will share in his dream and his traditions. Erin has been bitterly hurt by a divorce and never wants to link with anyone again. The two find a way into each others heart and it appears no matter what else maybe happening in the world around them, their hearts speak in volumes to reach out and heal the other. I love their story. P.G. Forte paints a visual scene of events that really capture the readerís heart in this enjoyable tale with a huge cast that is quite awe-inspiring. Reviewed by Linda L for The Romance Studio

Overall rating: 4 hearts
Sensuality rating: Sweet

4 Cups!  Chay Johnson is a teacher and he is training to become a shaman like his grandfather Paco. He has a lot of tradition to uphold and a hard act to follow. But that is what Chay believes in and what he sets out to do. However, when Chay meets Erin Allridge, suddenly his path is not as sound as he thought.

Erin Allridge is an assistant teacher at the Lady of Angels high school. A school that has known plenty of tragedy in itís past. Nevertheless, Erin has had a painful past as well, and is not looking for a relationship to be hurt again. However, when Chay Johnson comes along; Erin wants to believe she can love again.

As both Chay and Erinís relationship start to grow, danger from a past tragedy finds its way back to Oberon. Soon everyone in Oberon is feeling the evil and the danger. Then death strikes close to Chay, leaving him to doubt his feelings for Erin, as they both pull away hurt. Was Chay and Erin meant to be together or does Chayís life belong on a different path?

Once again, Ms. Forte continues the Oberon series in a suspenseful and intriguing way. Oberon is a town belonging to psychics and other paranormal entities. Interesting characters and even secondary characters are the main thread in these series. Although the seventh in the series, each one can stand-alone. Each Oberon resident has itís own story to tell, and each just as fascinating as the last. From ghosts to mind reading to all kinds of supernatural, this is one series you do not want to miss. Sensual romance and exciting suspense fills this story to the brim. Wateena Reviewer For Coffee Time Romance

4 Stars!  ****There are so many characters that it is hard to keep up with them all. That is to be expected since this is a long series. The author has included a "Cast of Characters" at the beginning to help readers keep them all straight. If you have not read the previous novels, you willfeel lost a few times, but not too often. The author has done a good job writing things so new readers can understand what is going on. However, I highly recommend reading the previous books before this one. 

Though Erin and Chay are considered the main characters, I found that several of the secondary characters received almost as much time in the spot light. Marsha and Seth are a couple of characters that I found myself very interested in. This is not a series you can simply skim through. If you read it slowly, which I recommend since a lot is going on, each book blends into the next, creating a soap opera feeling. I enjoyed it all thoroughly! **** Detra Fitch - Huntress Reviews