The Temple Garden


The Temple Garden was noisy and crowded, as it always tended to be on Saturday nights.   Saturday was when the normally sedate Chinese restaurant woke up and rocked.   The all-you-can-eat Polynesian buffet and the frou-frou tropical drinks, were both big draws but it was the live performances by local bands that packed the house week after week.

Chenoa Johnson had been coming to the Garden for years, sometimes to watch her brother Chay perform, sometimes to visit with her friend Maya, whose father, Brent Hoffman, was one of the club’s owners. As Maya told the story, Brent had bought into the then failing Chinese restaurant because he couldn’t bear to contemplate the idea of his favorite restaurant being forced to close––where would he go for springrolls, for sesame noodles or crab Rangoon? Personally, Chenoa thought it just as likely that he’d seen it as an opportunity to create a venue where his band, The Lychee Nuts, might perform on a regular basis.

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