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I really enjoyed this book from P.G. Forte. It had unusual characters as the leads and I liked that. No cookie cutter heroes and heroines here as both Marsha and Sam are uniquely gifted in both abilities and looks. I like that Marsha is scarred and psychic and that Sam still finds her attractive and sexy. I even like that he is a bit put off by her abilities because I think that's the way most of us are...we don't really want to believe in the paranormal and yet we are still drawn to it. Sam is not the typical tall, dark, Alpha male, and in fact that the author gave him silver hair which made me smile, for it is not often used with heroes as far as I'm aware. Little touches, like making him a brilliant man able to read special stock market coding to see trends but yet still stand and watch a flock of birds or find beauty in a scene, make him more real. Often corporately brilliant men are depicted as cold and unfeeling and Sam is none of those. 

In the end I think P.G. Forte has created a unique world in Oberon, one I'm interested in exploring again. I did not read the first book in this series but this one was perfectly capable of standing alone. If the rest of the books are like this then I suspect the author has created a winning series. 
Michelle Puffer   Wild Child Publishing  Rating: 4 Cats

In this, the second installment of the Oberon series by P. G. Forte, the characters are vivid and the writing is excellent...the ending left me satisfied. Sam and Marsha made a wonderful couple that I wanted to see gain their happily-ever-after. 

If you are a fan of epic-length stories that focus more on the interactions and subtle nuances between the characters, secondary and main alike, this is the series for you.  Sandra Barkevich 
TCM Reviews

4 Hearts! 
P.G. Forte combines romance and mystery along with humor to write a story you will find most intriguing. Her characters are well thought out and described in this tale of love, mayhem, and murder. A Sight To Dream Of is a story about a little town and the secrets it hides. Everyone gets in on the action, with a large cast of characters whose lives and secrets will make you think you’re watching an episode of Dallas, with a touch of magic on the side. Add a little thing like murder and you have a that will keep you guessing “who did what to whom” till the very end. Marsha fights her attraction for Sam because her ex, Alex, did a very good job of hurting her, while Sam pushes her away because he’s not sure if he’ll be in prison for fraud or murder. A Sight To Dream Of is a great story and I recommend you read book one in this series, Scent of the Roses, to learn all the secrets in the town of Oberon.  Diane Tugman  - The Romance Studio


Ms. Forte is an excellent romantic writer with a wonderful ability to get emotional turmoil down on the page. If you want a wistful romance with a steamy touch, "A Sight to Dream Of" is a good bet.  -- Jeanette Cottrell