The Red Rooster Grill


"Look, will you give it a rest already?"   Lucy paused in the act of spearing another forkful of artichoke tortellini to glare at Scout.  "Itís not the end of the world, you know.   You and Siobhan will both live."

"Thatís not the point," Scout snapped as she dipped a French fried sweet potato into aioli sauce.  "Itís just so frustrating to have things like this happen every time I open my mouth."

"Jeez. And Marsha says I overreact."   Lucy shook her head.   "Itís not every time, and you know it."

"Itís often enough." Scout stared moodily at the scene around them.   The Red Rooster Grill was one of many sidewalk cafes that had sprung up in Oberon during her absence.  When sheíd left Oberon, all those years ago, this building had housed a bank.  Now, in the very place where she had opened her first savings account, she was eating faux-French vegetarian cuisine.  She and Lucy had spent most of the morning shopping on Main Street, searching with no luck for a dress for her wedding.

Shopping on Main Street was an activity she also remembered well from her teenage years.  Although the burgers sheíd eaten then had actually contained some small amount of actual beef.

Lucy shook her head.  "What can I tell you, Scout?   You skip town for twenty years, you gotta expect to miss a few of the dramas."

"I guess," Scout sighed, as she took another bite of her veggie burger.   She didnít really care what was in it, as long as it tasted good.  And right now she was so hungry that even taste might be optional.

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