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The library was quiet Monday morning.   Almost too quiet, Deirdre had thought, nervously, when she first walked in.   It was a school day, and she was not in school.   Someone might remember that, later.  But the two women behind the counter had seemed too involved in conversation to pay notice to the lone teenager who had headed straight for the computers in the far corner.   She’d been huddled there for the last hour, but the information she was seeking continued to elude her, and she was rapidly running out of ideas.

She drummed her fingers in a loud, frustrated tattoo against the edge of the desk, stopping as soon as she realized what she was doing.   Calling unnecessary attention to herself was definitely not a good idea right now.   She cast a worried glance around the room, but the women at the desk still appeared oblivious to her presence, and most of the other patrons were engrossed in their own pursuits, as well.  Only Rafe looked up from the book in his hands to meet her gaze.   He smiled at her, companionably, before dropping his eyes back to his book.

They’d wakened her early that morning, propelling her into the little convertible before her eyes were even all the way open.  Rafe had been wedged into the small back seat, next to the surfboard. 7nbsp;It hadn’t seen a lot of action, lately, and Deirdre found it odd that they’d be rushing off like this on the first day that promised to be clear and sunny.

"We all have to go into town for a while today," Gabby had explained as she settled herself behind the wheel.    "Just for a few hours.   There’ll be plenty of time to hit the waves when we get back.   Isn’t that right, Rafe?"

"Sure," Rafe echoed, happily.  "Plenty of time for that later."

Gabby turned to her,  "So, D, anything you needed to do while we’re in town?"

"Actually, I do need to look some stuff up.   Maybe you could--"

"Drop you off at the library?" Rafe finished for her,   "Good idea.   I’ll go with you.   I need to catch up on my reading anyway."

"Fine," Gabby said, "I’ll drop you both off there.   Then, when I’m finished with my other assignment, I’ll pick you up."

"You mean errand, I think.  Don’t you, Gabe?"   Rafe’s voice held a hint of amusement.

"No, I do not mean--  Oh."   Gabby looked momentarily flustered.   "Yes, I guess I do.  What did I say?"

"Assignment," Rafe answered dryly.

"Oh.  No…errand.   Of course, that’s what I meant."

"Don’t mind her," Rafe had leaned forward to whisper in Deirdre’s ear.   "Nothing wrong with her that a good ESL class wouldn’t fix."

"I heard that," Gabby had snapped, not bothering to take her eyes from the road.   "One more smart remark out of you, Rafael, and I just might forget to stop for breakfast."

"Heaven forbid!" Rafe had exclaimed, in horror stricken tones.   He’d sat back, then, and shut up, but sneaking a look in the visor mirror Deirdre had seen the grin that transfixed his face.

Deirdre smiled a little herself, thinking about it now.   But her smile quickly faded when she went back to her search.  This was getting her nowhere.

She’d been trying to track down an address that would lead her to her father, but although she’d quickly located his phone number, along with phone numbers for several other Cavanaughs, as well, none of the searches she’d made had led to a useful address—a home address.

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A Taste of Honey

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