Good-toGo Drive Thru Café


[Dan watched Lucy’s] lips purse around the edge of the cup as she took another sip, watched the muscles in her throat work as she swallowed, and then the way her tongue darted across her lips, removing any lingering traces of moisture, and he knew it wasn’t coffee he wanted.  Or even breakfast.

"Or are you going to try and tell me it was Mandy’s idea to get doughnuts?"

"No," he answered absently, his mind still focused on her lips.   "Like I said, it was Seth who suggested it."

"Oh.  Of course.   So, now you’re gonna try and blame this on him, too?"

He glanced up in surprise.   "No, I’m not blaming him.   He was just trying to be helpful.   I think."

Lucy’s jaw clenched.  "Helpful?  Right.  Sure he was."

Time to change the subject again, Dan decided.   "So, listen, I don’t know what you plan to tell Mandy this afternoon, but in case you were wondering, I already explained to the kids that you were helping out here for a few days.   You know, so they wouldn’t get the wrong impression about this."

"Oh, and what impression would that be?" she asked.   "Why didn’t you just tell them the truth, Dan?"

He straightened away from the wall.  Time to go, now.   He was going to be late enough for work, as it was.  "Because that is the truth."   He snapped his fingers for the dog, pulled open the door and, finally, turned back to face her, one last time.   "Isn’t it?"

Lucy shook her head.   "Yeah, you just keep telling yourself that, Cavanaugh.   If it makes you feel better."

But he wasn’t feeling better.   He thought about that as he headed to work a short while later.   The sun was shining and the sky was blue and he’d stopped at the Good-to-Go Drive Thru Café for an extra tall latte and an almond croissant, but he wasn’t feeling any better.   Not any better at all.

©PG Forte 2005
A Taste of Honey

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