Later that afternoon, Marsha wandered through the crowded stacks of Digressions, searching the shelves for books on mice as pets.   It was not a subject that commanded a lot of shelf space in a store whose inventory of new and used books was heavily weighted towards women’s literature, natural remedies and quilting, but she had never yet failed to find exactly what she was looking for here.   In that way, she’d often thought, Heather and Ginny’s store was as magically oriented as her own.

There had to be a book here, somewhere, that would contain the information she needed.   The trick was in recognizing it.

"Okay, I think I got it," Heather called from the back room.   Marsha smiled as her friend bustled towards her bearing a slim volume.   "I thought I remembered seeing this back there.   We just hadn’t had a chance to shelve it yet.   Guess it was waiting for you, kid.   Must be your lucky day."

"That would be a switch," Marsha muttered, as she followed Heather through the narrow aisles.   "Because so far, the week’s been lousy."

"What’s that?" Heather asked, half turning.   She accidentally brushed against a hip-high stack of books as she did.   The stack started to topple and both women reached to steady it.

"Oh. Cool."  Heather raised her eyebrows as the top book slid neatly into Marsha’s outstretched hand.   "I gotta tell you, Marsha.   You do that really well."

"Yeah, thanks," Marsha answered dryly, staring at the book in her hand.   An uncomfortable awareness washed through her as she took in the silver foil cover and bold black type.   Unlocking the Patterns, Keys to Understanding Japanese Candlesticks.

"So you want that one, too, right?" Heather inquired.

"I guess so."  Marsha sighed unhappily, tearing her gaze away from the cover with an effort, and handing the book to her friend.   "Sure. Ring me up."

©PG Forte 2004
A Sight to Dream Of

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