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Deirdre couldn’t believe how much cooler it was here at the beach.   Ten, maybe fifteen degrees.   Everything seemed fresher, brighter.   More green.   The sand beneath her bare feet was soft and damp.   The air was brisk.   The sky a cloudless, brilliant shade of blue.  Her heart was so weightless she felt like flying or dancing, or...something.

She couldn’t help but remember another beautiful morning, two years ago, on this same beach.  She remembered sitting on a log; watching her friends surf; thinking about Seth, whom she’d only just met.  She’d been happy then, too.

"Don’t you love it here?" she asked now, throwing her arms out and pirouetting in place.   "It’s"

"So are you," Seth said.

She stopped spinning and turned to look at him.   The smile in his eyes made her knees go weak.   She’d have kissed him, if it weren’t for the dogs that surrounded him; not his dogs, which he’d left back at the winery, but six smaller dogs, all wagging their tails at once and looking at her with bright, black eyes.

Deirdre stared back at them for a moment, then raised her gaze to Seth’s face.   "So, this is what you do for work, huh? You walk dogs? Every day?"

Seth nodded, watching her carefully.  "Yep.   Just about."

"And, you’ve been doing it how long?"

"Couple of months."

"You like it, huh?"

He shrugged.  "Sure.   What’s not to like?   It’s fun.  I get to be my own boss, set my own hours.   I get to be outside every day."

"It’s not boring?"

"Uh-uh.   Every day is different.  Walking multiple dogs is more of a skill than you’d think. You gotta know what you’re doing.  You need to make sure the dogs you take out together are a good fit.   Some dogs make a great walking team, they walk at the same speed, stop for the same smells, either go at the same time, or wait patiently for each other.   Some dogs can never successfully be walked together.  Maybe they’re just not compatible, or maybe they want to fight with everyone else."

Deirdre nodded. "I guess that’s like people, too. Some can get along with each other, some can’t."  I wonder which kind we are?

©PG Forte 2006
And Shadows have Their Ending

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